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A qualified self-directed account provides access to investing in both traditional (publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) and alternative assets (everything else allowable by the IRS). We specialize exclusively in alternative assets. Once your account is funded, a world of opportunity is at your fingertips.

You can find the most common alternative asset investments below. Click on each to learn more.

Real Estate


Precious Metals

Secured Notes


Loans & Notes Receivable

If you have funds in your PTG account that are not subject to a current Direction of Investment (or awaiting your direction), or uninvested cash funds, those funds will be deposited in the investments listed below until you provide direction otherwise.

The uninvested cash fund balances are allocated so the Lincoln Stable Value Separate Account – PTG UF will hold approximately 80-85% of the funds, and any residual funds not invested in the Stable Value fund will be kept in various Wells Fargo bank deposit accounts overnight. Any fluctuations in the cumulative uninvested cash fund balance could then change the residual bank deposit account balances on a daily basis. The Investment Committee reserves the right to modify the balances maintained in any of the listed investments if business conditions warrant a change to accommodate an unexpected liquidity event.

Your account will be credited with a portion of the earnings on these fund balances. Provident Trust Group will credit interest earned on Uninvested Cash Balances to your accounts within 30 days after month end. The interest rate paid on Uninvested Cash Balances will be adjusted on a monthly basis based on actual interest earned during the prior period, with a minimum rate of 0.001% to be paid on all balances. Between June 1st, 2024 and June 30th, 2024, the interest rate paid on all balances is 0.004%, with a jumbo rate of 1.915% applicable to an owner’s accounts if the owner’s combined average Uninvested Cash Balance exceeds $3,000,000 during the prior month.  Rates between July 1st, 2023 and July 31st, 2024 will be 0.004% with a jumbo rate of 1.915%.  Rates effective August 1st, 2024 will be 0.004% with a jumbo rate of 1.975%

Provident Trust Group will retain the interest earned on the money held by Provident Trust Group for assets held pending investment instructions or while waiting for a distribution check to be presented for payment, or “float.”

 The approximate uninvested cash fund and float earnings retained by Provident Trust Group are calculated monthly. The average annual rate for 2022 was 1.50%.  The average for 2023 was 3.61%.  The monthly rates for 2024 are as follows: January 3.85%, February 3.89%, March 3.83%, April 3.83%, May 3.95%, June 4.08% (estimate).

Provident Trust Group will hold funds from all checks for a minimum of two business days from the date of deposit to ensure the funds are collected and determined to be good funds.  Funds from personal checks will be held for a minimum of five business days from the date of deposit before Provident Trust Group will release the funds.

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