What is Self- Directed Investing?

In the mid-1970s, with the passage of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and the creation of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA), employees who had previously relied on their employers to provide retirement plans had a new option to take on the responsibility of their own retirement. With traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs, these personal savings accounts allow an individual to contribute annually to their retirement.


Take control of your investments.

With self-directed investing, you can exercise your independence by choosing the investments that best fit your personal needs. While a broker can assist you in making appropriate choices, self-directed investing expands your options to include non-traditional and alternative investments such as real estate, precious metals, and more.

Alternative investments in a self-directed account can help create a more diversified investment portfolio overall.

Self-directing your investments is one way to take control of your financial future. If you haven’t opened a self-directed account, now may be a good time to do so. And if you already have a self-directed account, be sure to periodically review your investment selections to ensure they still meet your long-term financial goals.

Freedom is self-directing your retirement. We’re here to help.

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This material is provided for general educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered legal, tax, or investment advice. Provident Trust Group, LLC is a non-discretionary, passive, directed custodian that does not sell or solicit investments and does not provide investment advice or recommendations. Provident Trust Group, LLC is not obligated to review and does not endorse any investment or investment advisor, and individuals are responsible for the investments in their accounts. Consult with a tax and/or financial advisor to determine what may be best for your individual needs.

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