We’re Proud to Announce Our New Online Portal!

LAS VEGAS (MARCH 6, 2017) – Provident Trust Group, LLC, an administrator and passive custodian of self- directed IRA assets, launched a new Online Portal that allows secure electronic access to establish and digitally manage investment accounts from end to end. Provident’s first 100% web-based process provides easier form completion and clearer view of holdings and transactions that will assist customers in opening new accounts securely and quickly without any physical paperwork.

“As new technology continues to surface and evolve, it is important for companies to provide innovative ways to meet client needs,” says Provident Trust Group’s CEO, Theresa Fette. “We believe that real-time access to account information and the removal of paper forms delivers better service and a greater level of financial success for our clients.”

Provident’s customers can complete fund transfers from other custodians and electronically initiate investments with the click of a button. The Online Portal also provides a more organized view for account balances, lists of holdings, transaction history and the ability to manage multiple accounts with a single login. Having real-time access to account information provides the service needed to make more informed investment decisions.

Furthermore, the Online Portal will have direct updates and alerts for tax deadlines, reporting and access to tax- related documents such as 1099s, 5498, RMD letters and annual statements.

“We want our customers to feel valued. So, it is important that we continue to make investments in technology that provides flexibility, accuracy, and convenience,” says Theresa Fette. Provident continues to develop solutions that better manage beneficiaries, contact information, invoicing & recurring payments, contributions and more.