Las Vegas Business Press Executive Snapshot Looks at Provident’s CEO

Provident Trust Group is pleased to announce that its CEO, Theresa Fette, has been featured in a Las Vegas Business Press Executive Snapshot.  Authored by Hubble Smith, this snapshot follows on the heels of Ms. Fette being named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Las Vegas chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization in April.

The snapshot begins by noting that, under Ms. Fette’s stewardship, the company’s “assets under management [grew] from $400 million to about $3 billion in the midst of the nation’s economic recession.”  Asked about the reasons for this continued success, Ms. Fette opines: “We do the best we can to assist [clients] in reaching their retirement goals in assets classes that have never been available to their investment portfolios before.”  As an additional factor, Ms. Fette mentions the company’s culture of finding the “yes,” or, as she refers to it—the “heartbeat of Provident.”  Indeed, Ms. Fette explains that “I think people were looking for people in the financial service industry to be transparent, but more so, people wanted to deal with a company that was willing to find the “yes.”