Escrow services are not just meant for the buying and selling of personal real estate, but also commercial real estate, raising funds, business start-ups, and more.

Escrow ServicesAn escrow occurs when an Issuer (or Seller) is looking to pool together Investor (or Buyer) funds for a particular asset. An independent third-party holds and disburses funds per the terms of the escrow agreement, which is established between the Issuer and the Investor. Escrow arrangements typically require certain conditions or obligations to be fulfilled based on the terms of the agreement. By using an escrow agent, you provide the necessary transparency and security for transactions and account balances among all parties.

How Can An Escrow Benefit You?

Escrow services can provide your business with benefits including allowing complex actions to be completed before settlement is finalized. Some examples of these types of transactions are: raising funds to expand your business, buying property, selling your business, purchasing or selling expensive machinery, purchasing or selling equipment necessary to grow your business, and purchasing or selling items that involve a large amount of money.


Reduce administrative costs and processing stages while improving the ability to invest and re-invest with a single account.


Manage multiple accounts, investors, and investments seamlessly through a central dashboard.


Increase the transparency and security of your funds with access to account activity, tracking fund movement, and detailed reporting.


Clients leverage a unique opportunity to pool qualified and non-qualified funds into a single location.

The Provident Trust Group Advantage

Provident Trust Group, an Ascensus company, has the ability to facilitate both investment escrow accounts and individual investor accounts giving all parties the opportunity to promptly review and remit funds upon meeting the terms of the agreement(s) in place.

We offer you the convenience to access and manage your escrow and client investment accounts in one all-inclusive digital location. Our role is to ensure that your funds are administered with accuracy, efficiency and transparency.


What some Issuers may not know about escrow fund pooling is that the funds can be qualified or non-qualified. With this flexibility, Issuers can gather more funds to expand their offerings.

Investors with Qualified Funds
Qualified funds are monies that are held in a self-directed individual retirement account. Contrary to popular belief, retirement accounts can make investments outside of the publicly traded stock market, such as real estate, promissory notes, private stocks, and more.

Investors with Non-Qualified Funds
Non-qualified funds are monies that have not been claimed under any retirement account. Non-qualified accounts are very similar to regular banking accounts but for the sole purpose of investing.


Our Online Portal allows secure electronic access to establish and digitally manage investment accounts from start to finish. This 100% web-based portal provides easier form completion and a transparent view of holdings and transactions that will assist in providing both the buyer and seller real time information.


We understand that escrows are not a “one size fits all” service. Provident Trust Group provides flexibility to the needs and wants of each individual escrow agreement.

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Our team of experts can create an escrow that caters to your needs, with personalized service and an exceptional client experience.

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