Provident Trust GroupWe now have a new look for Provident Trust Group. This redesign marks a fresh chapter in our company’s life. The new logo is unique and original and it displays simplicity. It is a season of positive change and it is a part of the ongoing success of our organization.

Start here. Go anywhere. The tagline evolved from the special and unique journey that all investors experience. The self-directed path to retirement should take you into protecting those assets and beyond! At Provident Trust Group, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to achieve a greater level of financial success, and we’re committed to bringing the means for that success more fully within reach. Through comprehensive trust advanced offerings like our self-directed IRAs, we go beyond the limitations of traditional investments and conventional thinking to give our customers access to the broadest range of alternative investment choices possible.

Provident Trust Group is dedicated to helping each of our customers make the most of their financial opportunities. With forward-thinking products like our self-directed IRAs, we help the average investor increase the earning power of retirement savings through alternative assets like real estate, private equities and precious metals. We make self-directed IRAs easy to understand and simple to open, too.  We provide investors with clear, concise information and comprehensive educational resources to help them make well-informed investment decisions. In addition to helping folks grow their wealth we also help them safeguard it with personalized trust’s and administrative services that make it easier for individuals, families and business to better manage and protect their assets. We understand that retirement education will take you places and Provident Trust Group hones in on comprehensive curriculum for alternative asset investing.

Our brand Promotes our Core Values!

  1. Find the Yes!
  2. Create a Better Way
  3. Keep it Simple
  4. Learn and Adapt
  5. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

What our brand means to you!

  1. Our brand represents simplicity! We have short and easy processes, with clear and straightforward answers to complex questions.
  2. We’ll make a way. One size doesn’t fit all and rarely are financial situations the same, which is why we specialize in custom solutions for unique objectives.
  3. Customer experience is what we shout! Our company culture of being responsive, empathetic and sincere are what makes us, well, exclusively us! Whether you’re calling in, walking in, or sending an email – we promise to have a real person speak with you who will find a solution and answer your questions. It’s our personal touch guarantee.

We are so excited about our new brand! We hope you share our vision and spread the cheer too!

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With more than 34,000 clients in all 50 states, our elite team of professionals is the premier choice. We offer highly personalized service tailored to your needs, transforming your financial future.

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