Accountant, lawyer, new Entrepreneur of the Year

Theresa Fette helped expand Provident Trust Group’s assets from $400 million to $3 billion in the last four years, earning the young tax accountant and lawyer the Entrepreneur of the Year award to be presented tonight by the Las Vegas chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization.

It just happened to be the “right timing,” said Fette, chief executive officer of the firm that specializes in asset custody, tax and trust services.

Provident Trust had “issues” and needed leadership when Fette and her business partner, Jason Helquist, acquired the company in 2008.

“Everybody thinks we grew the company through crazy advertising and marketing,” she said. “We never had the money for that. All of our growth came from relationships. We built a reputation for being honest and creative. Tax law is very hard to understand, and that approach worked for us.”

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